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CoolConversations podcast

May 3, 2018

Sam, aka The Wine Teacher, has been an educator, a home winemaker, a wine judge for too many years to remember.
And it all started off with making homemade beer with a friend.
And then it progressed to wine with the same friend.
Wine that won awards for both Sam and his friend.

Today Sam is super busy.
Even his friends...

Apr 30, 2018

Her writing is trenchant, laced with sharp insights and observations. Her prose is engaging, conversational, relatable and often acerbic.
Meet Alexandra Gill The Globe and Mail’s Vancouver restaurant critic since 2005.
Restaurant owners and chefs love her, hate her, respect her, depending on what she writes about...

Apr 16, 2018

David Picoski used to be away from home as much as 250 days a year.

He travelled the world.

That was his job.

His job was that of a sound recordist for what was one of the most prestigious public affairs programs in the world – the CBC’s, The Journal.

David was a member of the Journal’s documentary unit.


Apr 12, 2018

Luke Marston’s  journey as an artist is deeply rooted in his family.

And today at age 41 he already is receiving recognition for his works that other major carvers only achieved at a much older age.

He  was born on Vancouver Island to carvers Jane and David Marston. He worked first with Coast Salish Master Carver...

Apr 5, 2018

Dave Gerry was a reporter on the Vancouver television scene for decades.

His memorable stories known for their wit, charm and unique perspective captured the audience’s attention.

He worked for CKVU, later known as CITY-TV, moved to Toronto for Global Television and last ended up on CTV News at Six in Vancouver.